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Dallas Driver Avenges Himself on Longhorn Wrecker by Plowing into a Tow Truck Door

Longhorn Wrecker has a very long list of of enemies. That's only natural in an industry predicated on holding people's vehicles hostage for exorbitant fees, especially when you do business the way that Longhorn does business.

Put another way, it will be no easy task to identify the man who avenged himself on a tow truck by nearly knocking its driver's side door off.

It happened around 11:20 p.m. on Wednesday at the Landmark on the Valley Apartments in Far North Dallas. According to a police report, a Longhorn Wrecker driver's door was swung open so he could speak with someone in the parking lot.

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A car started to drive past, but it stopped. A couple of seconds later, the driver gunned it and plowed into the open door before driving away. The tow-truck driver was uninjured, but the door sustained an estimated $1,500 in damage.

Police reviewed footage from the tow truck, which was equipped with video cameras showing the incident from multiple angles, but the only information they gleaned according to the police report was that the suspect was a Hispanic man driving a late-model (2012) black Ford.

Clearly, though, the guy was pissed.

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