Dallas Housing Authority's Watersports Complex Kibosh Runs Off September Event

Perhaps you've heard: The Dallas Watersports Complex -- which was scheduled to open on Fish Trap Lake in West Dallas by no later than September -- has been drowned by MaryAnn Russ, head of the Dallas Housing Authority. She'll revisit the subject later this year. Or next year. Or never. We'll see. But until then, Chad Lacerte's long-proposed and hellaciously expensive project -- which passed the City Plan Commission, the council's Economic Development Committee and the full council no probs -- is treading water with a 1,000-pound weight tied to its ankle.  Guess we should have seen this coming, based upon the comments in our April 19 item on the subject.

I bring all this up because today, a Friend of Unfair Park directs our attention to a press release just sent out by the World Wakeboard Association, which had planned on holding the 2010 Ten-80 WWA Wake Park Nationals at the Dallas Watersports Complex September 17-19. Russ's complex concerning the complex at the last possible minute is forcing the WWA to find a new home for the event, one of the stops on the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown circuit. The WWA needed to warn people not to come to Dallas after all.

Lacerte's quoted in the release: "From the beginning, the city of Dallas has been behind our project to help create a sports recreational facility in west Dallas. The city, the community, and our group are very excited about how this cable park will help the local area." To which park designer Pat Panakos adds, "This is unfortunate for the Triple Crown and the city of Dallas."

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