Dallas Is On the Map, Baby!

On my way to the office this morning, I noticed a peculiar vehicle -- which I initially registered as some kind of ... storm tracker? Only upon closer inspection, I discovered it was a Windows Live street-mapping SUV. It’s a bit sleeker than all the various Google cars I’ve seen around: The SUV was a sporty black number with a three-foot metal get-up on the roof and official-looking logo screens all over. Only, between my sprained hip (you didn’t know I was a hot-ass 83-year-old, now did ya?), Speed Racer behind the wheel of the Live pic-taking ride, my crappy camera phone and, well, not wanting to drive like an asshole too, I failed you, Friends, at getting a shot of it. I’m thinkin’ Buzz and Fingers better high-tail it down to ground level with their smokes and represent. --Merritt Martin

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