Dallas Man Arrested for Warning Johns that "Prostitute" Was Actually a Vice Cop

Some might argue that Gary Lee Young was performing a public service as he hung around the parking lot of the Dallas International Street Church on South 2nd Avenue earlier this month. The Lord's work, if you will.

Not long after midnight on January 9, Young watched a would-be john get arrested by an undercover vice cop posing as a prostitute. When the 45-year-old saw that another man was likely to take the bait, he hollered at the cop.

"Ooh, girl, we know you the police," he yelled, according to a police incident report. "You get on out of here."

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The faux hooker, as well as several other police officers who were also present, weren't happy to have their cover blown, and they told Young to shut up. When he wouldn't, they placed him under arrest.

Young spent four days in jail on a charge of "interference with public duties," a class B misdemeanor.

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