Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks at the Halfway Point: Good! Great?

When we last left your Dallas Mavericks - this is Cowboys' country, right? - they were opening the NBA season with a humbling 11-point loss to the Washington Wizards.

Tonight they travel to D.C. for ... revenge? Naw, just to open the second half of the season.

In between wars with the Wizards the Mavs started 19-7 but are just 8-7 since. Are they good, great or elite even?

En route to a 27-14 first half they have road wins over the Lakers and Celtics but a home losses to the short-handed Warriors and, of course, the 14-26 Wizards. They are a West-best 14-7 on the road and are currently the second seed, but just as close to 11th as they are to 1st.

If you missed the three months while ogling the Cowboys, let's play some catch-up:

*Dirk Nowitzki is still really, really good.

*Popeye Jones got really, really drunk.

Okay, we good?

Let's play some hoop! 

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