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Dallas Moneymen Sink $12 Million Into a Big Ol' Bowl of Frozen Yogurt

John Antioco's had plenty of good jobs around town: He was chairman and CEO of Blockbuster Inc., where he did quite well for hisself, and senior VP of store operations at 7-Eleven, which is where his Blockbuster replacement, Jim Keyes, came from. Now he's one of the operating partners at Dallas-based equity firm CIC Partners, which HQs out of the Crescent Court and today announced it's pouring $12 million into a Los Angeles-via-South Korean-based frozen yogurt company called Red Mango, which sounds a whole lot like OrangeCup in NorthPark Center, you ask me. Speaking of, when did frozen yogurt joints become "the new coffee shops"? --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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