Dallas' Months-Old Cyclist Protection Law Isn't Being Enforced, Records Show

It's been eight months since the Dallas City Council passed new rules forcing drivers to be nice to cyclists. It's been six months since the short-lived, ill-conceived public education campaign. It's been almost a year since some asshole shot up me and my bike with paintballs.

So, what has become of the city's effort to make the city safe for bicycles?

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Apparently nothing. We filed an open records request with the city to see how many citations have been issued under the new vulnerable-road-user law, which levies a $300 fine on motorists caught unsafely passing, cutting off, throwing things at or otherwise endangering the health and welfare of cyclists. It turned up nothing.

Maybe Dallas cops are still in the education phase and are issuing stern warnings. Maybe Dallas drivers have learned to not act like Dallas drivers when there's a squad car nearby. Maybe DPD decided it has more important things to focus on.

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That last bit is true to an extent, but the vulnerable-road-user law was touted as a tool to help improve public safety. What good is a tool if you never use it?

We've reached out to city spokesman Frank Librio for a response.

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