Dallas: Now, The 23rd-Best City in the Whole U.S.A. in Which to Rent a Home

Forbes, second only to Craig "Junior" Miller and Santa Claus when it comes to making lists, moments ago provided us with this gem: Best And Worst Cities To Rent A Home. (And shouldn't that be "Best and Worst Cities In Which to Rent a Home?" Because otherwise, it sounds ... not right.) And, as the headline notes, Dallas is at No. 23 on the list. Why come?

Dallas is the turning point on the list when things start to look up -- way up -- for renters. Rent is cheap here, increases are mild and the new construction rate is up 52% in 2008.
Of course, you knew all this already. What you didn't know: We're tied with Detroit! --Robert Wilonsky
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Robert Wilonsky
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