Dallas PD Says It's Made First, But Not Last, Arrest in Memorial Day Shutdown of Central

The man seen at right is Thomas Michael Roberts, a 35-year-old Dallas Police say was among the parade of motorcyclists responsible for shutting down and spray-painting Central Expressway on Memorial Day. No doubt you've seen the video, which went from YouTube to Channel 5 Monday night -- and led DPD directly to Roberts, who, police say, will be charged with the crime of tagging, the punishment for which is anywhere from 180 days to two years in state jail and a fine of up to $10,000. He's presently in county jail, where his bond's been set at $5,000.

But DPD's press release says Roberts likely won't be the last person thrown in Lew Sterrett for the crime: It's but the first "in what is anticipated to be a number of arrests in conjunction with the Memorial Day incident involving motorcycles shutting down Central Expressway and spray painting graffiti on the roadway," says the release. It also says:

Police investigators have been using a number of methods including social media to identify other individuals in the Memorial Day incident. The department has also received a number of tips through the iwatchdallas.net program that have been helpful in identifying individuals involved. The iwatchdallas tip program, implemented in October 2010, allows the public to quickly report suspicious activity to the police department or pass along other crime-related information.

Dallas Police will continue to work with the Dallas Sheriff's Office as well as state and local agencies on this case and to establish an area procedure for dealing with these issues.

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