Dallas PD to Give Girl Back $2,000 She Found ... If Nobody Comes Forward In Next 120 Days

It's been more than three months since 15-year-old Ashley Donaldson found $2,000 outside a North Dallas strip mall and returned it to a nearby Chase bank, thinking someone there could find the owner. But city officials tell Unfair Park the bank didn't turn over the dough to the Dallas Police Department till April 13 -- and, as you're well aware by now, the city intended on keeping that money, based on the application of a state law dealing with found money. City Manager Mary Suhm and Mayor-For-Now Dwaine Caraway told Unfair Park earlier today they'd look into it.

But a few minutes ago, this arrived from Dallas PD HQ:

Dallas Police Chief Intervenes in Found $2000

Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown has directed that the department follow a provision in state law that allows for public notice to be given after thirty days of someone finding money and turning it into the Dallas Police Department. Once public notice has occurred, a ninety-day waiting period follows. If a claimant comes forward, a hearing is held within the Police Department. If no rightful owner comes forward during this 120-day period, then Chief Brown will return the money to the finder, Ms. Ashley [Donaldson].

Suhm then forward to Unfair Park the citation mentioned in the chief's press release: Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 18.17, which deals with the "Disposition Of Abandoned Or Unclaimed Property."

Update at 6:15 p.m.: Mary Suhm just sent a memo to the mayor and council explaining what happened -- and what's next. She says some organizations have approached the city, saying they want to raise the $2,000 on Ashley's behalf. The city manager says that if the city winds up returning the $2,000 to the girl who found it, "the organizations will then be reimbursed.") Her memo follows on the other side. Jump, but be sure to keep your wallet in your front pocket.

Memo From Suhm Over Lost Money

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.