Dallas PD's Idea of "Spring Cleaning"

For the next three weeks, the Dallas Police Department will focus its attention on these mostly southern-sector neighborhoods near Bruton Road & Masters Drive, Hatcher Street & Scyene Road, Sunnyvale Street & Custer Drive, Beacon Street & Columbia Avenue and Polk Street & Twelfth Street. Says the DPD, it's part of something called Operation Spring Cleaning, which the department defines as a "crime initiative that will focus on five predominately single-family residential neighborhoods located throughout the city that are identified as having a high incidence of criminal activity and quality of life issues."

The DPD decided to target these neighborhoods because, first, the stats demand the department focus its attention in and around those intersections. But also, says the DPD, "These areas were determined using a new predictive model named GEOFORCE." (I need to stop reading comic books.) Anyway, the release continues:

Unlike most departmental crime initiatives which are initiated and led by the Patrol Bureau, Operation Spring Cleaning will be led by the Strategic Deployment Bureau which includes Narcotics, Vice, SWAT, Gang Unit, Traffic, Mounted, and Fusion. This will allow patrol divisions to utilize their resources to maintain their own crime initiatives.

Operation Spring Cleaning will deploy various strategies aimed at having an immediate impact on crime and disorder issues in residential neighborhoods. One of the primary components will be engaging community leaders and residents to assist in providing intelligence regarding criminal activities occurring in their neighborhoods. Additionally, high visibility patrol with the Mounted Unit, intelligence gathering and sharing by the Fusion Unit, drug house interdiction by the Narcotics Division and operations focused on prostitution and fugitive arrests will also be conducted.

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