Dallas PD's New Car Design Gets a Second-Place Prize. But One Local PD Has Top Bike.

Last October we got our first look at the new-look Dallas Police Department black-and-whites. And while some Friends of Unfair Park didn't much care for 'em, the department's fleet manager said: Tough, everyone else does.

One Friend of Unfair Park with a good, strong memory points out this morning that, hey, there are at least three other law-enforcement types from 'round the country who'd agree: Officers from South Barrington, Illinois; Lake County, Indiana; and Lake Station, Indiana, served as judges for Law & Order magazine's 2010 Police Vehicle Design Contest, and while DPD didn't take a top prize among many handed out, it did place second in the "Municipal Over 50 Officers, West" category ... after Irving PD, no less. Says the mag of the DPD design:

The Dallas PD decided to change its vehicle design to update its image, be more visible and create long-term cost-savings. Black and white was chosen to make the cars more identifiable by the general public and to honor the historic tradition of police cars. Blue lettering was chosen in keeping with the previous designs.

JUDGES' COMMENTS: The fade of the lettering is nice and keeps with Dallas tradition. The badge on the side blends well with the other graphics. The white hood is something you don't see often.

And while we're on the subject: Addison PD took home the prize for "Best Motorcycle."

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