10700 Eastham Dr.
10700 Eastham Dr.
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Dallas Police Kill Armed Man in Pleasant Grove

Just before 5 p.m. Monday afternoon, Dallas police responded to an "active shooter" call in Pleasant Grove. Soon the suspected shooter would be killed by police and a woman in his house had been taken to the hospital with multiple injuries.

Assistant Dallas Police Chief Randy Blankenbaker said Monday night that the woman is believed to be the mother of the dead man's child.

The person making the call to police told a 911 officer that someone had fired several shots through their house. Police showed up in the 10700 block Eastham Drive and went to a house they believed belonged to the suspect. The front door of the house was open.

Police heard a man and a woman fighting, and the crying of an infant fighting. Police ordered the man  to come out. A 28-year-old white man came to the door with a gun, and a DPD officer shot him. Paramedics drove the injured man to a local hospital, where he died.

Blankenbaker said DPD does not believe the suspect shot at the police officers, but he said DPD needs to look at body camera footage before making a final determination. Police also don't yet know why the suspect may have shot into the neighboring house.

The woman in the deceased's house has multiple lacerations that police believe were inflicted by the dead man, according to Blankenbaker. Police believe the suspect threatened to kill both the woman and the infant. The infant was transported to the hospital with the injured woman and is unharmed, Blankenbaker said.

The man killed Monday is the second shot and killed by a DPD officer this year.


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