Dallas Security Traders to Laugh It Up with "Wall Street Jerkblogger"

Among those scheduled to speak at the Dallas Security Traders Association wingding early next month at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas is The Man Called Large, best known for penning the Web site Take a Report. Whilst there, you will find, oh, a photo of a woman orally pleasuring a sculpture and, this morning, his assessment of Katy, Texas's own Renee Zellweger ("Maybe I’m out of my fucking mind, but is there really a market for a flat chested, bleach blond with a face that looks like it got caught in a car door?"). Which begs the question: How did Large wind up so in charge that he gets to speak to 400 securities traders in Dallas in the first place? Well, see, that's a funny story.

As regular readers of Gawker now know, the "Wall Street Jerkblogger" is actually one Michael J. McCarthy, a stock-trading VP at New York-based Citigroup -- hence, his credentials for the Dallas shindig, where there's some chit and chat scheduled amongst poker tourneys and golf outings. But, as it turns out, last week his antics over on Take a Report got him fired.

Which isn't stopping the Greenville Ave.-based Dallas Security Traders for having him deliver the keynote anyway. "He seems to be an extremely well-known person across the trading community, and we thought it would be an interesting change of pace from what we've done in the past,'' chair Alan Marshall tells Bloomberg News. "It seemed like this would be a good opportunity for people to try to laugh a little bit." And, come on, does anyone remember laughter? --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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