Dallas, the Champagne of Cities?

On August 5, The Real Estate Council is holding a general membership meet-and-greet during which some of its 1,600 members will bat around the subject "Why Big Companies Move to Dallas/Fort Worth." Which is funny, because a couple of weeks after AT&T announced its move from San Antonio to downtown Dallas, just this a.m. Crain's in Chicago posted this lengthy story about MillerCoors' potential move to the DFW -- or Chicago, not sure which yet. Dave Moore at FrontBurner says he has it on good authority the brand-new company's making Dallas -- or Irving -- its new HQ, but a decision isn't expected for a few more weeks.

The Chicago piece is pretty specific about three sites in Chicago that MillerCoors is eying -- and two of them are in tax increment financing districts. Then again, notes the Crain's story: "In its search, MillerCoors is being advised by Dallas-based tenant representative Staubach Co." So, there's that. And Roger's good at bringing business to ... um ... Arlington. --Robert Wilonsky

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