Dallas to Give AT&T $11.5 Million, In Exchange for $2.2 Billion

At this very moment at City Hall, the city council's Economic Development Committee is discussing myriad topics as it gets back to work, chief among them AT&T's relocation to Dallas, as announced on June 27. This morning's briefing includes further details about the move, including AT&T's moving its air fleet to Dallas and taking over a hangar at Love Field. But it also details the economic incentives the city has offered to AT&T in order to lure it away from San Antonio, which are detailed on Page 6 of the document and add up to $11.5 million over 10 years, assuming AT&T stays in Dallas for at least five years. Which sounds like a good deal, as the city guesstimates AT&T's relocation will have a "$2.2 Billion economic impact to the city of Dallas over 10-years." Also being discussed today, in closed-door executive session: "Arts District Parking Garage." --Robert Wilonsky


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