Dallas, Together We Can Be Grande

Tom Leppert's got a new spot appearing on yer local affiliates -- and on his Web site too -- and it turns out his vision for Dallas includes...a Starbucks on every corner. That is so The Onion, circa 1998.

My vision for Dallas?

It’s a Dallas that’s the safest city in America -- a city known for smart business, that puts taxpayers and citizens first.

A city where families can shop, see a movie and enjoy a Starbucks in their own neighborhood, regardless of which side of the Trinity they live on.

It’s a Dallas where a boy raised by a single mom can go to a public school, earn a scholarship, and live a life greater than he ever dreamed.

We can do it if we work together.

Tom Leppert was raised by a single mom? Who knew? --Robert Wilonsky


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