Dallas's Rodeo Rider Gets the Boot from Big Brother

Steven Daigle

I didn't even realize the 10th (!) season of Big Brother had already started. But, wow, that was quick: Dallas's gay rodeo champ, Steve Daigle, has already been given the boot -- second contestant off the show, dude doesn't waste time. Thank God there's Reality TV World to provide the lowdown on the letdown last night, not a single word of which I understand except for this quote from Daigle:

"There is a part of me that's very glad to be out. It's a very hard game. It stresses you out a lot. There's a lot that goes on. It's really hard for me to be apart from my friends and family back home."

Wow, and the show looked so awesome. And did I hear a mention of Javier's? That's just weird, that's what this is. Oh, and says the official CBS recap, he left the house with a "Suck it, bitches!" --Robert Wilonsky

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