DART's Still Sorry for Saturday's Snafu

Many Friends of Unfair Park have sent word that they too missed kick-off of Texas-OU Saturday due to Dallas Area Rapid Transit's slow ride to Fair Park; DART spokesman Morgan Lyons spent most of his weekend apologizing and explaining ... and then explaining his apology. (Flickr user "Rayindallas" was there when the back-up occurred in downtown; our man Justin Terveen has a photo essay of the "clusterfuck" -- his word -- forthcoming.) Now comes DART's "Special Message to Our Customers," which boils down to: "We'll do better next year, swear." It reads, in full:

For lots of our customers months of planning and preparation by DART staff paid off with a smooth ride to the State Fair Saturday morning. But unfortunately, that wasn't the case for many of you. We know you were disappointed and we were too. Although trains were added and more staff and volunteers were in place in anticipation of the big crowds, we did not get many of you to the game on time. Post-game waiting was exceptionally long. We apologize to our customers who were inconvenienced. We are already working to give you a better experience at next year's game. Thank you for riding DART.
Update at 11:17 a.m.: In the comments, you will find a few remarks from council members concerning Saturday's DART debacle. Several mentioned it during this morning's briefing.

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Robert Wilonsky
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