Date Set, Sort of, For "Project Wall-E" Bow

I had to call Karl Zavitkovsky, head of the city's Office of Economic Development, about something that turned out to be nothing this morning. (Well, if you must know, I wondered if "The Collective" referred to here is just "The Orleans at La Reunion" by a new name, and it is.) But while I had him on the phone, I asked him, since not a day goes by that a Friend of Unfair Park doesn't ask me: Since first we heard of Project Wall-E, has anything mentioned since then been related to that particular say-what-now? To which he replied: "No." Not the Ferris wheel, not City Lights, not nothing. "It'd be hard to guess," he insisted. Which didn't stop us from trying.

For those who forgot, this was something the council's Economic Development Committee discussed two weeks ago behind closed doors. Something to do with "the purchase, exchange, lease, or value of real property." He insists again today that it'll be something "very interesting" when it's finally revealed. So: When will the city unravel this mystery? "In about a month," he says. "It's scheduled to go to the council in early December." An early Christmas, but will it be the ultimate girly cave or a pair of socks?

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