David Brown Gets a TV Job, The Race for the City Manager's Gig Starts and an Aston Martin Takes a Plunge: The News Week in Review

We know you're busy, so here's a recap of the week from the news desk of the Dallas Observer.

Couple Sues Grapevine Car Dealership Claiming Salesman Shared Their Photos on a Swingers Site
A lawsuit alleges that a routine transaction for a vehicle ended with a brazen violation of privacy.

Former Police Chief David Brown Hired As On-Air Talent For ABC News
On Wednesday, ABC News announced that Brown, who served 33 years with DPD, will be joining the network to provide commentary on economic inequality, policing, social justice and race relations.

City of Dallas Announces Five Finalists for Vital City Manager Job
After the announcement of the five finalists for Dallas' open city manager's gig, people on both sides of city hall's political spectrum actually seem pretty happy with the choices. Might not stay that way, though.

The Truth About Wider Highways in North Texas

Plans to double the lanes of a section of State Highway 161 in Irving is reawakening a national debate over the prevention of traffic jams.

Weekly Schutze
The very last thing, meanwhile, that will ever come out of the office of city manager is vision. The city manager has no time for vision. Vision is a luxury he cannot afford. He earns that four hundred grand a dollar at a time, not just day by day but hour to hour, by herding cats and  dodging bullets. If you were to ask him for his long-range vision, and  if he were to answer you honestly on most days, he would tell you, “I really need to go to the bathroom.”
—Jim Schutze, from "New City Manager Must Have a Good Wind Finger and Nose-Counting Ability"

Horse's Mouth

Glandular Lumps Might be Mumps

'twas the Season

Parting Shot

Last Saturday night someone drove an Aston Martin off a bridge near White Rock Lake. Runner Jason Weaver captured the scene the morning after.
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