Dearest Lord, Why Hath Thou Abandoned Deep Ellum?

I spotted the adult-language video below on YouTube yesterday, but it came with very little explanation; among other things, it wasn't clear when this run-in down in Deep Ellum occurred. Which is why I e-mailed Jesse Morrell, the man behind Connecticut-based Open Air Outreach, with a few questions. Last night, he provided the answers:

That happened this last Saturday, August 30th. It occurred around 10 am. What the video doesn't show was that they were shoving us around. That was when we turned the camera on. They destroyed that first sign at around 10. We preached for a while, then walked around Deep Ellum and returned to that same location around Midnight. They then destroyed another sandwich sign of ours, tried to light it on fire but it wouldn't burn, and threw bottles at us. But we didn't leave, we kept preaching.
See, Deep Ellum's still happening. Lower Greenville? Feh. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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