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Decriminalized Pot in Texas, The Truth About Police Pay and a Urine-Soaked Scene Downtown—The News Week In Review

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We know you're busy. So here's a convenient wrap-up of recent news from your pals at the Dallas Observer.

Developer Behind Statler Remodel Accused of Involvement in a Ponzi-Like Scheme, Unpaid Taxes

Is Dallas developer Mehrdad Moayedi's business model just a Ponzi scheme worth billions of dollars?

New Marijuana Bill Seeks to Decriminalize Low-Level Pot Possession
Think it can't happen here? This week state Rep. Joe Moody of El Paso introduced a bill in the Texas Legislature that would remove criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana and replace them with a civil citation and a fine.

Will New Pay Deal Be Enough to Fix the Dallas Police Department?
A great deal of what is commonly believed — that the cops are all out there risking their lives for $22 an hour — is not really true. It's rooted in some fact, in terms of starting pay, but the issue is more complicated than that.
City Council Committee Split on New Direction for DART Board
Public transportation fights at City Hall are prompting changes in the seven appointees on the Dallas Area Rapid Transit board.

Weekly Schutze

Speaking of which, we are now living in a place called “Dallas Pond,” according to another New York Times graphic, this one published yesterday under the rubric, “Trump’s America.” It’s a map of the parts of the continent Trump won, eroded by coastal and internal areas of Hillary support represented as fictional bodies of water. Houston, for example, is called “Houston Bay,” and Detroit is “Detroit Delta.” Hence, because Dallas proper went solidly for Hillary, we are a pond of non-Trump territory. The more I stared at it, the more moving I found it. Yes, the map shows an overwhelming amount of sheer land mass that Trump won. But when I look at the carve-outs, the places he didn’t win, and when I see our own place on that map, I see that we are allied with all of the nation’s most diverse and promising areas, mostly but not all of them in urban centers.

-Jim Schutze, from "Young Dallas Leadership Must Think of Itself Now on a National Stage"

Parting Shot
Dallas consultant Urbis Incola tagged activist Tayna Ragan, anonymous watchdog Wylie H. Davis and Mayor Mike Rawlings in a tweet capturing this not-so-rare moment of reality downtown: A homeless man peeing in public.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.