Deep Ellum To Get Outdoor Market Next Month

You know that antiquated covered parking shed at the corner of N. Malcolm X Boulevard and Indiana Street, behind Cafe Brazil in Deep Ellum? Right. This one. Well, this morning Brandon Castillo sends word that he's found a use for it: a Deep Ellum Outdoor Market, set to make its bow July 17 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. And it won't be a one-time deal either: According to the newly launched Web site, it'll be a monthly event with dates already scheduled through December 18.

So, then, what the what is it? Castillo explains:

The Deep Ellum Outdoor Market is a monthly event that showcases local talent and promotes local businesses in Dallas' historic arts district. The Market will provide Deep Ellum with a venue for local artists and musicians to expose their talent, for local businesses to promote their services, and for bars and restaurants in the area to entertain more people.

At the Market, visitors will find one-of-a-kind, handcrafted wares from local Etsy crafters and independent artists. Musicians from all over the Metroplex will take the stage in the tradition of the neighborhood's past. Deep Ellum based businesses will be showing that diverse enterprises are able to thrive east of Downtown Dallas. Visitors will also enjoy food and drink specials at bars and restaurants well within walking distance of the Outdoor Market.

There's one like it regularly in the Bishop Arts District, and it's usually packed. But space is available for vendors -- looks like, oh, 38 booths at present.

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