Define "Generous": Past and Present Collide Over Fate of Reunion Arena

KERA-FM (90.1) this morning ponders the future of Reunion Arena, as B.J. Austin chats it up with real estate types and with the likes of current council member Angela Hunt, who'd like the city to hold onto the land for at least the next decade, and former council member William Cothrum, who was on the council when the city and Ray Hunt arrived at their agreement in 1974. Cothrum, founder of Masterplan Consultants in 1981, would dispute those who now think the council's deal with Hunt was too kind:

Was it generous? You know generous is a subjective term. To those of us back when we were doing the deal, it looked like a very good deal to us to make something happen. That part of town down there had been just sitting dormant. The city found a partner who was willing to take an area that nobody else had done anything with. It was an acceptable deal.

In other land news this a.m., KDFW-Channel 4 more or less warns that if you were expecting to move into that new residential development going up at Hi Line Drive and Stemmons Freeway, no rush: Might have been a breeze that blew it down last night. Or The Big Bad Wolf. --Robert Wilonsky

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