Deion Sanders Defends Prime Prep By Promising Lawsuit, Calling Brett Shipp an "African American Killer"

This morning, Deion Sanders took to 105.3 The Fan for a rare discussion of allegations that he's been improperly recruiting athletes (e.g. a good chunk of state champion Grace Prep's basketball team) to play at Prime Prep Academy.

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This was not a nuanced argument that UIL rules governing high school athletics are arcane and outdated and could use some tweaks. Instead, this was Deion claiming he's being persecuted for being Deion.

"I didn't recruit," he said. "I didn't need to." Players chose to go to Prime Prep on their own accord, he said, like those players from Grace Prep whose families grew tired of paying $10,000 per year in tuition. The committee of DISD coaches and administrators that makes eligibility decisions is simply scared, or jealous, or both. As for why they might feel that way: "I promote change. I shed light on right. I shed light on positivity."

That's the same reason that a certain caucasian reporter from WFAA *cough* Brett Shipp *cough* -- that and the fact that he hates black people or, in Deion's words, is "an African American killer" who "always has something against a brother."

The segment ended with Deion promising a lawsuit, seemingly against DISD.

"If you're dirty and you're in DISD, you better clean up your drawers," he said.

Don't say you haven't been warned.

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