Delia Jasso Really Wants Scott Griggs (And Kessler and Stevens Parks) Out of Her District

On and off the last few days I've spoken with the folks in the Redistricting Office to see if they've gotten their hands on Delia Jasso's amendment to the previously voted-upon map -- you know, the whole reason the council will stop down Wednesday to argue over reopening that mighty fresh wound. The answer's always been the same: "No," "No" and "What part of 'no' don't you understand?" Turns out, Redistricting finally got the map, oh, about two hours ago -- and they're frantically trying to run the numbers.

Because some on the council -- like, say, the five members who, along with Jasso, asked Mayor Mike if they could pretty-please vote on suspending the rules -- would like to know what they're going to argue about come Wednesday. And right now, they've got nada to look at.

But we finally got our mitts on the info Jasso sent to the mayor's office Wednesday, and as you can sorta see after the jump, Jasso scoots the precincts with Scott Griggs and Kessler Park and Stevens Park out of District 1 -- even though redistricting is not supposed to protect incumbents. You'll also note she's only concerned with her district, not the entire city. (I see The News got a color map -- fancy.)

I left a message for Griggs, who's in meetings at the moment. Till then, the supporting docs follow.

Update at 8:14 p.m.: I spoke briefly with Griggs moments ago, and he says he will not support Jasso's amendment in large part because it carves up communities of interest. He says, sure, he initially signed on to the memo, but that was before he saw the submitted map that now accompanies it.

Jasso Amendment

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.