Delonte West Got Married Yesterday, Will Soon be a Father

You may have been wondering how Delonte West has been spending his free time now that he's on an indefinite hiatus from professional basketball. If Twitter is any indication, he's still in the Dallas area and has mostly occupied himself by making cameos at local gyms and dropping in on middle school basketball practices.

It's now clear that West has been engaged in non-basketball activities as well, namely making babies. He announced this yesterday in typical Delonte fashion.

"..Coud-Gracious-Alive!!...look at my 2 babies!!!....." he wrote on Twitter. "Lil CHARLEEREDZzz...comin soon to a theater near U!"

Twins, perhaps? Or maybe West is referencing the lady in the picture as baby No. 2? Hard to say. Either way, that lady is now Mrs. Delonte West.

"..Now introducin!!!...(..MRS. CHARLEEREDZzzz..)"

County marriage records identify the lucky lady as the former Caressa Suzzette Madden, whom the Internet identifies as a 24-year-old from Mesquite.

May they enjoy eternal nuptial bliss.

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