Sam Merten

Democratic Governors Association Is Betting Plenty on Bill White to Take Texas

According to The Washington Post this morning

, the

Democratic Governors Association

has already poured $2 million into Bill White's campaign. Which is just the start: Today the DGA's set to debut an ad in Dallas that attacks Governor Rick Perry on three fronts -- for his 2007 executive order that would have forced sixth-grade girls be inoculated against a sexually transmitted virus linked to cervical cancer; for his support for the Trans-Texas Corridor; and for his living in that so-called "rental mansion" for the last few years. A bonus for the Friends of Unfair Park:

The Post

sneak-peeked the ad before going to press; we actually obtained the 30-second video, called "Cracks," and it follows on the other side.

Says The Post, sure, DGA's spending $650,000 to $700,000 on an ad campaign (put together by something called Lone Star First) intended to oust the Governor for Life is a lot of bread on a long shot -- especially when you look at California and Florida, where Dems there are at least holding their own with their GOP rivals. In most polls taken in recent weeks, Perry holds around a seven-point lead over the former Houston mayor. Says The Post: "An upset in Texas could provide an improbable sweep of the big Sunbelt states, although defeating Perry is seen as the most difficult of the three. Democratic officials believe it is worth an additional investment in White's candidacy to see how vulnerable the incumbent may be."

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