Dennis Rodman = Hall of Fame. Wait, Is It Still April 1?

When Dennis Rodman graduated South Oak Cliff High School he was 5-foot-8 and he'd never really played organized basketball. Years later he wore a wedding dress to marry himself. And he was once suspended for kicking a photographer in the crotch.

Throw in two Defensive Player of the Year awards, five championship rings, countless tattoos and, voila, Basketball Hall of Fame.

Also part of the 2011 class: coach Tex Winter (innovator of the triangle offense), long-time NBA and ABA star Artis Gilmore, original Dream Team member Chris Mullin, former Trail Blazers center Arvydas Sabonis, Philadelphia University's Herb Magee, Olympic gold medalist Teresa Edwards and...oh, forget it.

Another year without former Mavericks coaches Dick Motta and Don Nelson and I'll stand by this point ...

Basketball's is by far the lamest of all of the major sports' Halls of Fame.

Arvydas Sabonis? Really?!

Hang your head in shame, James Naismith.


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