Welcome to Mavs' fans' nightmare.
Welcome to Mavs' fans' nightmare.

Devin Harris: NBA All-Star

Sorry I'm a little late this morning. Been glued to one of the greatest, longest tennis matches ever. The Fernando Verdasco-Rafael Nadal Australian Open semifinal that started at 2:30 a.m. our time just ended. In other news ...

Devin Harris is an NBA All-Star. Jason Kidd isn't.

Ouch. For Dallas Mavericks' fans, that stings.

A year ago some of us were warning the Mavs not to pull the trigger on the trade. Remember? But, admittedly, I didn't expect Harris to blossom this far this fast.

While Kidd has been really good, Harris has been great.

From the start of the season - out from under Avery Johnson's oppressive thumb - Devin's been one of the league's most productive point guards. Harris is averaging 6 assists and 21 points, with the league's third-highest point increase from '08.

While the Mavs are left pondering whether to re-sign the 35-year-old Kidd to a one-year contract, the Nets now have the luxury of a 25-year-old All-Star point guard to lead them into the future.

If it's any consolation, Dirk Nowitzki made his 8th consecutive All-Star team (most by any Maverick) and ol' nemisis Steve Nash finally didn't.


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