Dez Bryant Appears to be the Real Deal. At Least in May. Without Pads.

Wade Phillips is an optimist. But you don't hear him gush like this very often.

"He's an absolute talent. You don't get to be around many players that come in and look that good that early. It's been 33 years, and there aren't many that I can say look that talented at their position for a three-day period."

The bonus to Dez Bryant's dazzling debut at last week's Dallas Cowboys' rookie minicamp? He was even on time.

According to scouts and coaches at the three-day camp, Bryant was a man amongst 'Boys. He ran precise routes. He got behind defensive backs. And he caught everything thrown his way, whether it was low, high, in traffic or - just for fun - well behind him, forcing a couple of one-handed grabs.

Bryant almost barfed up his breakfast of eggs, sausage and biscuits during Friday's initial workout. But he handled the dogged questions about his parents' line of work with maturity and validated the buzz about Dallas trading up to draft him with a performance that has the Cowboys salivating toward training camp.

So far, so good.

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