Diamonds Are Forever, or: Secret Can't Seem to Give Away a Small Fortune in Jewels

Every so often someone will still post a comment to the imc2 item from way back in December '07 -- only 123 till we break the 1,000 mark, so let's go team! Which is why it's just a little surprising that this little news nugget hasn't made its way into the comments: According to Advertising Age, Procter & Gamble Co. is trying to give away 10 diamonds worth $15,000 each that have been hidden in sticks of Secret Flawless deodorant. But after eight months, no one's found a single diamond, and the contest ends at the end of June -- which is why imc2's Dallas office, which handles P&G, posted on Monday this video in which they remind folks at the top of their lungs that the Secret contest isn't a secret! Alas, as AdAge notes, the video's no great success either: Thus far it's been viewed 287 times. I hope you all win.


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