Dirk Can't Opt Out of This Mavs Promotion

Dirk's back in town and ready to meet with the Mavs, for whom there's no Plan B if he doesn't re-sign. (Cuban's back too, following a trip to shoot an episode of Entourage.) And so begins Keep Dirk in Dallas Week: Lost amongst all the breaking news of Thursday was the Mavs' p.m. press release announcing its weeklong DFW Digs Dirk campaign, a big hunk of which appears to involve deep discounts on Dirkwear at Mavs gift shops (41 percent off, natch) and a free poster with purchase. I think the idea is: Dirk sees you wearing a Dirk shirt and decides to stay in Dallas because you love Dirk so much. Either that, or it's inventory-clearing should things go south.

There's a new tee too -- not to mention a Web site complete with highlight reel, gallery, song by Big Ben Rogers and an open-letter-to (from, ahem, MFFL: "When I heard you were 'opting out' of your contract with the Mavericks it almost made my heart skip a beat. Well, more accurately, it made my heart stop. I thought I was going to die").  Ray Hunt's building on Akard'll be lit up like the Fourth of July for the next week with "DFW Digs Dirk"; and, per the press release, Mayor Tom will "issue a proclamation extending special recognition to Dirk, once Nowitzki has resigned with the team."What -- no Top Ten List?

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