Dallas Mavericks

Dirk, Dallas Doing It Again. But Even Better.

After Dirk Nowitzki's one-legged, fadeaway, high-arcing, 18-foot shot - off the glass, no less - Friday night in Utah, TV analyst Hubie Brown was almost speechless.

"C'mon!' he exclaimed. "Some of the things this guy does at seven feet is just unfair."

Nowitzki was again brilliant over the weekend, helping the Dallas Mavericks to a nine-game winning streak with road wins in Utah and Sacramento. Against the Kings it was Dirk's defense, as his baseline blocked shot on Carl Landry helped preserve a two-point victory after Dallas was down 99-90 with five minutes remaining.

Already with a 16-4 record, the Mavs could push this streak into the teens. Tomorrow night they open a season-long six-game homestand against Golden State, followed by seemingly winnable games against New Jersey, Utah, Milwaukee, Portland and Phoenix.

It could be a 15-game winning streak by the time the Mavs visit the Heat in Miami on December 20. Delicious.

Long winning streaks are nothing new for Dallas. Shortly after last season's mid-season trade for Caron Butler the Mavs ran off 13 straight. But this year looks and feels different because they're doing it with defense.

And a vintage Nowitzki. I always say he is the most underrated and under-appreciated athlete in the history of Dallas sports.

More proof ...

1. At +217, he leads all NBA players in plus/minus this season. When he's on the court, the Mavs are better.

2. With another 183 points - that should happen during the homestand - he'll move into the Top 25 of all-time NBA scorers. Twenty-five. And the guy he'll pass ... goes by the name of Larry Bird.

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