Dirk Nowitzki Is "Like the German Moses"!

The song "Dirk41," by German musicmaker Flula Borg, was originally released in December 2009. It's available for purchase on iTunes, or you can listen to it on Borg's MySpace page, where it's received but a scant 6,709 plays in more than a year and a half. But, trust me, you'll want it. It's catchy like a cold, which I discovered this morning thanks to the Cirque Du Sirois boys.

The song may be old (also, a good minute longer), but Borg posted the video you see above on Friday. He says of its origins:

Dirk Nowitzki is my most favorite Basketballer from all times. He did grow up just some kilometers from my town (Erlangen), and he has made Inspirings for me, coming to America and making great Dominations! Dirk, you are the best and this son is one for you! - f|u|a

Is for reals? Yes. Yes, he is. Dirk, The German Doogie.

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