Dirk Screws Up, Mavericks Lose

Love me some Dirk Nowitzki, the most underrated, under-appreciated athlete in the history of Dallas/Fort Worth sports.

Behind him and his finesse game of around 25 points and 10 rebounds this season, the Mavs will win 50-55 games and make the NBA's Western Conference playoffs as the 3-6 seed. But ...

When he screws up, I'm not afraid to point it out.

And in last night's 99-97 loss to the Hornets in New Orleans he effed up. Big time. He produced 29 points and nine rebounds, but on the game's key possession he got too cute from too far and wound up getting pantsed by David West.

Down one point with six seconds left, Dirk took an inbounds pass above the 3-point line and, guarded closely by long-time nemesis West, tried to create some space by dribbling - behind his back. West reached in, poked the ball away for a clean steal and made a free throw after being fouled to drop the Mavs to 7-3.

Coach Rick Carlisle tried to fall on the sword after the game, but no way.

Dirk will win his team plenty of games this season but nope, this loss is on him.

Said Nowitzki, "Just my fault really."

The performance: Very disappointing. The admission: Somehow refreshing.

In related news, my wished "failure" upon the Heat is working like a charm not at all.

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