DISD Principal Who Gave Kids Phony Scores While She Taught to the Test Lands in D.C.

Only yesterday we were wondering during a staff meeting whatever became of Roslyn Carter, the principal at Tom Field Elementary who, as The Dallas Morning News reported in November, phonied up science and social studies grades for her third-graders because, well, they never actually had science or social studies classes. Or art or music, for that matter. That's because Carter, per the Dallas ISD's own report, was too busy having her teachers drill the kids with math or reading -- teaching to the test, in others words, and hard. So, yeah, Field was exemplary, all right, but at a high cost for the kids. Which is why Carter was placed on administrative leave, and the district, which has a policy of not talking about personnel moves, never would say whether she was fired or, given that this is the DISD, just shuffled off to another position somewhere else in the district.

But this morning's Washington Post reveals all: Carter's been hired by D.C. Public Schools to take over Garfield Elementary School there in the fall. Valerie Strauss at the paper outed the hire:

Asked whether a woman named Roslyn Carter recently hired to take over at Garfield Elementary School in Anacostia next year is the same Carter, D.C. school district spokesman Melissa Salmanowitz responded in an email by saying "yes." She said, however, that what happened at Field was "different" from what was reported in the Dallas Morning News last November (and in my blog, here).

When I asked Salmanowitz to explain what happened in Texas, she responded: "We're reviewing that now."

Looking forward to that update.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.