Do You Carry a Parking Meter Cash Key? Or Would You Rather Pay With a Credit Card?

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For whatever reason Ken Kalthoff got a little distracted whilst reporting the piece you see above about the city experimenting with solar-powered parking meters that take credit cards (all together now: finally). Ken spends most of the piece trying to get his cash key re-upped. First of all: Why? Does he also miss eight-track tapes? Also: The Dallas PD link embedded in the KXAS story says you do that at the Oak Cliff Municipal Center, which would have saved him -- and viewers -- a lot of time. Anyway.

Back to the new meters. They've actually been in use behind Dallas City Hall for about five, six months, and City Hall spokesman Frank Librio tells Unfair Park today "we've been getting a lot of good feedback," no surprise there -- though I wonder if Dwaine Caraway still wants to do away with downtown meters altogether. Librio says there's a chance the city could replace all 4,238 of its parking meters with the modern option. He's looking into what kind of time line there might be. But it wouldn't come cheap: He says the new meters run $530 a pop, though, of course, the price may be negotiable if and when it comes before council.

Update at 3:56 p.m.: Librio says these credit-card meters aren't just behind City Hall, but scattered around the West End and Arts District and near DPD HQ and the muni court. "And they're looking at even newer technology, which would involve using an app and paying by smartphone, which may come late 2012," he says. "And there's a desire to go to multi-space meters in private and city lots, so you'd get rid of a meter every however many feet. But that's further on down the road."

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