Do You Know Who's Beneath the "Handsome Guy" Mask? There's Reward Money If You Do.

Back in July we were first introduced to the "Handsome Guy" Bandit -- so called not because he's attractive, because who can tell, but because of the $800 mask he's clearly wearing in all the surveillance-cam photos taken of the bank robber during his various stick-em-ups in North Texas. And, says the Dallas Police Department, the 6-foot-tall man is responsible for at least six bank robberies in these parts, including one at the Wells Fargo on Preston and Campbell on May 13.

They still haven't figured out who's the man beneath the mask. Which is why, moments ago, DPD sent word that two groups are offering a combined $8,000 in reward money: The Texas Bankers Foundation is kicking in $3,000, while the North Texas Crime Commission is offering up to $5,000. Per DPD: "Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the FBI at 972-559-5000 or the North Texas Crime Stoppers at 214-373-8477. Your identity will remain anonymous." Especially if you wear a mask.

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