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Do You Like Websites? Because the City's Parks Page Is Terrrrrible And Needs a Do-Over.

The city's main website is OK, though every time I visit it -- which is way too often -- I do wonder when City Hall's going to begin planting those Seeds of Change it's been promising since December. But the Dallas Parks home page is truly awful; it was outdated two minutes before it went online in 2004, offering little by way of anything useful. Which is why the city's trying to find someone to redo the thing. For money. I discovered that whilst trawling the city's other awful website. From the RFP:

The City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department (City) is requesting proposals for services related to the Department website. These services shall include: (1) Professional design of the site; (2) Implementation of an infrastructure that allows Department divisions to maintain their specific information within a common framework; (3) Hosting of the Department website.

The goal of the Department's website is to provide simple and intuitive electronic access to information about department activities, services and resources, serve as a public communications tool, integrate several existing division standalone websites and serve as a gateway to our online registration system. Specifically, the City would like the redesigned site to better support the dissemination of information, provide searchable database features and represent the personality of the department. As the current website does not effectively integrate all department activities, it's challenging to navigate and cumbersome for staff to maintain, the redesigned site should have a theme that promotes the Dallas Park and Recreation Department with a welcoming, friendly, and professional yet fun feel. The City will be in charge of content management and will own all content. No web design company indicators will be permitted on the website.

The whole thing's below. If you're interested. But, really, do you like websites?

City Needs Someone to Remake Its Parks Dept Website

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