Doc About Jubilee Park to Premiere at Episcopal Church Conference This Week

Daniel's on top of the Dallas Independent School District's efforts to pay pennies on the dollar to Jubilee Park residents and businesses in order to make way for a new O.M. Roberts Elementary School building. He hopes, before the day's out, to get some kind of response -- any kind of response -- out of DISD HQ. Fingers crossed.

But this won't help the district's PR cause any: Says here that on Wednesday, during a four-day conference in Newark, New Jersey, called Called to Serve: The Episcopal Church Responds to Domestic Poverty, they'll premiere a documentary about the church's relationship with the neighborhood. Simply titled Jubilee, the movie will, says the press release, chronicle "the transformational work at Jubilee Park in East Dallas through the Jubilee Park and Community Center, which provides an array of educational and social services to residents living below the poverty level. The film also highlights the transformational effect on the center's sponsoring parish, St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church."

I wrote about how the church got involved in Jubilee Park six years ago -- when the Cowboys were sniffing 'round nearby Fair Park. Those who won't be in Newark this week can see the doc here later in the week. We'll post a reminder when the movie debuts.

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