Doc About Life After Death Penalty at SMU Gets Held Up. "In a Good Way."

A Friend of Unfair Park directed our attention yesterday to the trailer for a documentary called Article 19, about events leading up to and immediately following SMU's football program receiving the NCAA's death penalty in February 1987. I recalled having read something about this back in December, when the Mustangs headed out to Hawaii, but nothing since. So I called Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas grad Mike Hughes out in L.A., where he's been working in the film-production business for the past several years, to see what's what with his life-after-death-penalty piece.

"Some things have happened -- in a good way," says Hughes, who's making the doc with fellow Jesuit alum Thaddeus Matula, who's directing. And then he proceeds to say those those things are ... off the record. All he can say: "We're re-shooting everything at this point."

Suffice it to say, if all goes according to plan you'll see it before year's end. And, no, not as a straight-to-DVD release. The trailer, featuring a host of familiar faces, is well worth a look.

Update at 7:58 a.m. Thursday: I see DLP Entertainment has pulled the Article 19 trailer, which was available for four months, and 16 others overnight.

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