Does Dallas Need Another Sports Bar? Apparently, Jay-Z Seems to Think So.

Long story short, a friend of the show sent word that he was looking for something entirely unrelated today when he stumbled across the website for The 40/40 Club, a lounge-y "all-American sports bar and lounge owned by hip hop mogul Jay-Z and partner Juan Perez," per its about-us. There are, at present, two outposts: in Manhattan and Atlantic City, though David Ortiz did try to open his own knock-off in the Dominican Republic -- till Jay-Z made it one of his 99 problems. Future clubs are expected to open within the coming year in Las Vegas, Macau, Chicago, Tokyo and Atlanta.

Our friend noticed that Dallas likewise is on the coming-soon short list -- though, one would expect, sans the A Rod Lounge. Our friend thinks the former Boardroom space in Victory Park would make the ideal location.

I called the 40/40's NYC HQ to see what's what. Matthew Wallwork, the club's spokesman, wasn't available. But the woman who answered the phone said a site for the Dallas location has "not yet" been selected. "We'll know more information toward January," she said. What about Cowboys Stadium? The Cowboys don't appear to be using it, and it has a nice teevee.

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