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D'oh, Doughmoney!

For those stocking up on Ike supplies that aren't batteries or bourbon, here's a suggestion: Snag the last of the goodies ever made by the Doughmonkeys in Snider Plaza. Because, yes, as Bill Addison noted late yesterday, once again and for reals this time, my boy's favorite bakery in the history of chocolate is going bye-bye due to The Economy.

"We couldn't figure out how to make this sucker work," co-owner Michael Lima tells Unfair Park today. "So we figure we'd cut our loses and come up with something else, probably after a few too many drinks on a beach somewhere." Lima says the shelves may be a wee bit barren till Saturday, as he closes out the bakery's wholesale accounts. But, as usual, the shelves will fill up with sweets just in time for a wet weekend. But plan on arriving early (the place will open at 10 a.m.), as pastry chef and co-owner Rhonda Ruckman will be the sole baker on duty.

"We're still sitting on a lot of really expensive chocolate, and we'll try to move it out the door as fast as we can," Lima says.

He doesn't know exactly when it'll close -- likely a week from Saturday, if all goes to plan. But as ingredients run out, so too will the cookies, pastries and other assorted goodies that have made Doughmonkey the best thing about the Park Cities. Lima will update the Web page daily, with opening and closing times. But one day way too soon, he says, the site will simply say, "We're closed for good." --Robert Wilonskynd

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