Done Deals? Your 2009-10 Dallas Mavericks

Well, after yesterday's signing of 3-point shooting specialist Tim Thomas I think the Dallas Mavericks are finished with their significant off-season moves.

Of course, at points during the summer I also thought Marcin Gortat was coming, Brandon Bass was staying and Mark Cuban was losing to the SEC. And, come to think of it - uh-oh - the acquisition of Drew Gooden hasn't made it past Twitter confirmation has it?

Assuming Gooden's coming and the Mavs are saving their bi-annual exception for next summer's juicy free-agent crop, Dallas appears pretty much set.

In summary:

*Nobody else wanted Gooden, yet the Mavs feel he may wind up as their starting center.

*I really liked flashes of Ryan Hollins, but he seems all but gone now.

*Thomas is a bigger, better Matt Carroll, right? Think Walt Williams on Nellie's 2003 team. Also think Carroll is history.

*Looking at the roster, the Mavs will still have trouble guarding athletic centers and - unless Beaubois develops at warped speed - jitterbug point guards. But, then again, who doesn't have trouble guarding those types?

*In the end, Marion, Gooden and Thomas all signed for about half as much as they initially figured to make in free agency. Still trying to decide if this is a good thing.

Let's jump for the roster ...

PG:  Jason Kidd/ J.J. Barea/ Roddy Beaubois

SG:  Josh Howard/ Jason Terry/ Quinton Ross

SF:  Shawn Marion/ Tim Thomas

PF:  Dirk Nowitzki/ James Singleton

C:    Erick Dampier/ Drew Gooden

What do you think?

Another 50-win, playoff season that ultimately goes nowhere in the spring?

Or a versatile, athletic group that scares the West's elite?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.