Don't Forget That Other Hike-n-Bike Bridge Linking Riverfront and the Cedars

We're going to begin this morning with two Trinity-related items -- the first of which you see above. That, Friends of Unfair Park, is the Belleview Connector, a proposed bridge that would link Riverfront Boulevard to the Cedars -- specifically, Jack Matthews's South Side of Lamar and the attendant development around the old Sears complex. It's a HALFF product -- well, actually a whole product, but, you know. It is also intended to be, like all of Dallas's bridges, both an "iconic" bridge and one that creates a "bridge as 'place' or 'destination,'" according to the Belleview Connector briefing prepared for tomorrow's meeting of the Trinity River Corridor Project Commitee, of which Dave Neumann will not be chair much longer.

Between the bridge, which goes over the Union Pacific tracks, and the "Plaza and Spiral Ramp Park," construction's guesstimated to run between $9.5 and $11.5 million. Tomorrow's briefing doesn't say who's covering the cost, but the city is -- at least a hunk of it. Already has. A brief '09 briefing on the subject, which dates back to when JPI had dibs on those 60 acres, had the city using $1.6 million in '06 bond funds on the project, including Halff's renderings. According to an even earlier look-see dating back to '07, the connector was initially guesstimated to cost just $2 million. But it's grown since then. Has it ever.

The briefing's light on stats, but heavy on renderings. And you know how I love a good rendering. So much so, two more follow.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.