Don't Mince Words, Liverpool FC Supporters. How Do You Really Feel About Tom Hicks?

We've run this picture of Tom Hicks, oh, a million times in recent years; so have plenty of others -- it's iconic. So much so that I just saw it again on the UK Telegraph's Web site moments ago. Only this time, it was affixed to an American flag being set on fire by Liverpool FC fans outraged at the departure, willing or otherwise, of manager Rafael Benitez. Reports from UK papers, and an e-mail we just received from Reds' supporters union Spirit of Shankly, say there was a protest at Anfield tonight attended by 500 people who heeded the call of the Internet. That's when the flag-burning got to commencin'.

"Tonight's spontaneous protest by hundreds of fans at Anfield, organised by those angry at recent events at LFC, shows just how far our great club has fallen under the reign of Tom Hicks, George Gillett and our current board," says the missive, which you can read here. "They have all continually lied to us, broken promises, acted in their own self interests and treated this football club as either a cash cow to milk for all it's worth or a vanity project of their own."

If nothing else, the timing's right for ol' Randy Galloway, who had a piece yesterday about how Liverpool FC fans have had it up to here with Hicks. Writes Randy, "Hicks has it easy here. Actually, I'm still reading puff pieces in local papers (not this one). But for real Hicks disgust, or even hate, I can honestly say we don't even remotely compare" to Liverpool. Clearly.

On a very related note, somehow I missed Maury Brown's take on Hicks's Texas Rangers-sized problem published on Forbes's Web site Tuesday. Among the myriad takeaways from his piece is this nugget about Monarch Alternative Capital, which, of course, wants its money:

According to sources, Monarch continued to purchase the debt even after the exclusive agreement between Tom Hicks and the Greenberg/Ryan group to complete the sale took place in January, a possible sign that even though the creditors want the bidding opened back up to try and garner more for the Rangers' assets, Monarch was really positioning themselves for a major payoff, regardless of the exclusive agreement.

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