DPD Arrests 19-Year-Old Girl Blamed for Drug Overdose While City Goes After Dance Club

On August 13, a 19-year-old from Grandview named Matthew Allen came to Dallas to go dancing at the Northwest Highway club, off Spangler, called Afterlife. He left there with friendsin an ambulance, and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter -- the result, said police, of an ecstasy overdose.

Moments ago, the Dallas Police Department announced that it had arrested the woman they say provided Allen the drugs: Skyler Brandt, who is also 19. She is now in DPD custody on first-degree felony charges.

But that is not all: The Dallas City Attorney's Office has filed an administrative action to revoke Afterlife's dance-hall license. Melissa Miles, the city attorney who handles such things, is due to give a press conference shortly; we're tracking down the legal docs as well. But, says the DPD heads-up: Afterlife's done for, as far as police and city officials are concerned, because the after-hours , 17-and-up club is where they believe Allen "purchased and ingested the fatal drugs." DPD says it's basing that allegation "on evidence gathered during the investigation indicating that the club's management knowingly allowed drug use and sales on the premises."

Update at 4:12 p.m.: On the other side is the letter DPD Chief David Brown sent to Afterlife owner Mark Annis, in which the chief says that because "you or an employee have knowingly allowed the possession, use, or sale of controlled substances on the premises," the club's dance-hall permit "is hereby revoked."

Afterlife Rev Ltr

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