DPD Reminds, If You Drink and Drive This Long Holiday Weekend, You May Also Give Blood

Back in June 2009, then-Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle told then-Dallas Observer-er Kimberly Thorpe why he was (and, no doubt, remains) a big fan of the department's so-called No-Refusal DWI Initiative, which allows officers who pull over suspected drunk drivers to take and test two vials' worth of blood. Said Kunkle, "One of the biggest advantages of the no-refusal program is it does create an environment where people don't believe that there's a way to not be accountable for drunk driving."

Used to be a time, not long ago, when DPD and Mothers Against Drunk Driving held press conferences announcing holiday-weekend No-Refusal Initiatives. Now, DPD just sends press releases. Long story short: The Labor Day blood drive begins at 6 p.m. tomorrow and runs through 6 a.m. Tuesday. Reminds DPD, "During this initiative, if a person is arrested for DWI and refuses to voluntarily provide a breath or blood sample, the arresting officer will secure a search warrant and direct health care professionals to obtain a blood sample and have it forwarded to the District Attorney's office for filing."

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